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About US

About Ilo COnsulting

We are a senior placement organization that specializes in finding retirement and long-term care living solutions for their clients.

Our experienced placement specialists provide personalized guidance and support to ensure their clients’ comfort, safety, and happiness.

We believe that every senior deserves to live their best life and are passionate about helping seniors and their families. Contact ILO Senior Consulting today to learn more about their services.

“We love working with Stacey with ILO Consulting for all of our consulting and placement needs and can’t recommend her enough!” ”

Emily Glatczak– Fern’s Place

What we Do

 ILO Senior Consulting offers a range of comprehensive services to help families navigate the complex process of finding suitable retirement or long-term care living solutions for their loved ones.

We understand the uniqueness of each and every situation that walks through our doors.

That is why we approach each client with a listening ear, so that we can truly hear what their specific needs are.

We are not a one-size fits all solution, we tailor every decision specifically to the client so that they get exactly what they need, and nothing less.

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“Our desire is to help you find the perfect senior community, where comfort and care come first.”

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